Inspiration Found

Inspiration Found
~Welcome! ~ In my last post, I lamented the end of summer and wondered at my somewhat reduced enthusiasm for digging into newly arrived texts and manuals. As I began logging onto USource, paying tuition (among other bills), and reading welcome notes from various instructors, my lack of enthusiasm perplexed me. Would I feel like this ALL semester? Lacking enthusiasm for one’s chosen course of study is really a drag. Was I really missing summer that much? Was August just not enough time off?
Well, I’d like to report a change. My inspiration has returned. My enthusiasm is intact. For this, I’d like to thank my fellow social work students. As I dutifully logged onto Blackboard and read incoming introductions from classmates, the sheer range of locations, experience, and personal and career goals amazed me.
Click by click of the mouse, I scrolled through inspiring welcomes, introductions and descriptions of students’ lives and work. We UVic social work students are spread out across the country, and some even reside outside of Canada. I have classmates in New York, throughout Eastern Canada, and in Northern B.C. – including Inuvik – and everywhere inbetween. Even more amazing is the sheer depth of work and life experience.
Here’s where my inspiration really kicked in: how can we NOT make a difference(s) when so many of us dedicated to social justice are in so many places, working in so many varied fields of the profession? I read about experiences in every field of social work, including some I didn’t know about.
Many students shared just how many commitments they have in their lives – work, home, family, partners – and some talked about challenges that they cope with while in school – disability, divorce, low income, and more.
Thank you to all of my fellow social work students for kick-starting fall semester with introductions full of passion, experience and perseverance.

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  1. Christine McLaren
    Sep 20, 2010 @ 20:44:47

    Hello Tammy,
    What a lovely post! Thank you for sharing your personal connection to the DE experience.
    I am going to enjoy reading your posts!


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