What do you call it when you are really into something? Being engaged? Swept along in a whirlpool, in the eye of the storm? I’m not really sure what swingtime is, but it makes me think of dancing, or being right in the middle of a dance.
If we students are dancers, our partner is school. Right now, it’s swingtime. That’s right, we’re being swung around by dare I say, a pretty swift and surefooted partner. Assignments and due dates left and right. If you’re like me, you’re stepping pretty quickly to meet them all.
Remember to take a breather when the music slows. Sit and rest for a bit. Kick off your dance shoes. Find a glass of water.
One of the joys of being a distance student is that while one might expect that a distance student works in isolation, the opposite is also true. Some of us DE students have formed a pretty tight but by no means exclusive group.
There are those of us who met up at our 312 on-campus session, those of us who “friended” each other on Facebook, those of us who have been previous (if virtual) classmates and have reconnected in subsequent courses to work together. Then, there’s the small group work we’re seemingly constantly engaged in this semester.
We may work in isolation physically, but on-line on Blackboard, it’s hard to get away from each other, in a good way. We can share concerns and helpful tips. We can answer each others questions. We can stay connected.
The distance students have a community. Though we can’t see each other, as you would see one another in a classroom, we’re still a pretty close knit bunch, only an instant message or Blackboard email away.
So, as Week 4 sweeps in, we are almost a third of a way through this semester. Not to hurry things along. Thanks to the swift pace of the academic dance, things are hurried enough.

~ CMHA, the Canadian Mental Health Association promotes taking time for Mental Health. UVic also has a healthy campus program. If you’re feeling like you can’t possibly dance any faster, take a deep breath, connect with your instructor, and look into options that allow you to have a break when you need it most. ~

In friendship, your fellow DE student, Tammy


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