Half time

Dare I say it, we are almost half way through this semester. It’s official. We are in Week Six and most courses go to Week Twelve. Some may end sooner and a slightly decreased academic workload is never a bad thing, is it?
Week Five was particularly demanding and I’ve found this week to be as well. A fellow classmate mentioned the high volume of written work required in on-line courses. I have to say, I agree with her. There’s not only a lot of writing, but a lot of reading. And referencing, and communicating with fellow students in group work, and summarizing, not to mention general organizational duties and assignments along with trying to arrange for a practicum placement. Combine this all with everyday family life and responsibilities and welcome to DE learning.
I’m a writer and I love words, but at the end of a school day filled with posts, drafts, papers, and Blackboard messages, all I want to do is go outside. Luckily, my three school-age children are usually of the same mind when they arrive home at about 3 p.m., so we pour out into the yard, eager to do something physical or just sit out in the barn and talk.
While there are some heavy weeks, there are also those which are a little bit lighter. Maybe it’s a week we aren’t facilitating, or we just handed in that big assignment, maybe one of our instructors granted a class-wide extension (they do happen, you know, like a small but meaningful gift dropped into one’s unsuspecting but nevertheless grateful hands). This is what I call the heavy time. It’s not quite as fun as swingtime, which I wrote about last week. There’s just a little more weariness and less adrenaline. Many of us social work friends on Facebook are looking forward to Reading Break. If I do say so myself, it’s well deserved. We’ve been hard at work.
You can mark it on your calendar too: Nov. 8 – 14th. I suspect that many of us won’t spend it all reading but doing some fun non-print based activities to refresh before Week Nine is upon us.
Reading break – Enjoy it!

Week 6 Almost there!

This photo I took at the Adams River salmon run shows weary Sockeye resting before resuming their swim upstream. We're navigating our way through school. Rest!


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