Don’t Drop Me Now: Snow, Winter, End of Term?

School can become a real habit. If you read my post at the beginning of term, I didn’t sound hooked on it, but now I am. It may take a week or so, but we get right into the groove of studying. The last three months have been intense, busy and focussed…all around school. Now, what are they telling us? That we have a HOLIDAY coming up? Some of us may have forgotten the meaning of the word.
Some of us, me included, may have forgotten what life is like without dear old SW courses. I mean, what will we DO after our courses wrap up? Where’s the next Learning Assignment, the next essay? Where are the course notes and the text books?
That’s right. It’s nearly time to close the (school) books and pull out some pleasure reading. We’re being told to go and enjoy our winter holidays and we’re tempted to email our instructors and ask, “What do you mean? What am I supposed to DO? It’s hard to give up the habit of following a course timeline.
Seriously, this term is pulling to a close. I at first found myself bewildered at the decreased workload and now, well, I’m kind of getting used to the idea: there’s time to pick up a few hobbies again or just spend more time with family, friends and ourselves. I’ve become reacquainted with my yoga mat and have some new books on order from the public library. I’ve gone Christmas shopping and even had a leisurely lunch with my Dad. I’ve been going outside more and doing things-other-than-school. I have some sewing projects planned for my kids for Christmas. (I like sewing in straight lines, so nothing elaborate).
However you celebrate or honour winter, with whatever traditions special to you, a happy and enjoyable winter break to you. Keep those text books closed for awhile – no peaking till January!


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  1. Christine McLaren
    Dec 17, 2010 @ 00:10:40

    Have a wonderful holiday and thanks for all the great posts. Look forward to more in the new year and they will soon be linked to our NEW website.


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