Crunch time…almost, almost over…

My study buddy: a cup of fragramt Raspberry Earl Grey tea

I always intend to post more frequently than I do. The weeks seem to zip by. Somehow, amazingly, after hours and hours of hard work, after learning to navigate around Moodle, after plowing through learning assignments, online discussions and major assignments, we are finally nearing that wonderful, peaceful and oh-so-brief lull known as Reading Break.
And it comes at just the right time, just as we ease past mid-semester, one of the busiest and often most intense times. Especially for those of us working on the tri-semester system, we’re getting mighty weary. Reading Break is just what we need. Sure, there are some things to work on, but there’s some definite space there for some serious leisure, not to mention tackling at least some things that may have slipped “off the table” while we were busy being students (along with the many other roles we fill in life). So, for those of you who are reaching out with desperately outstretched fingers for the beginning of Reading Break, don’t worry, it’s almost officially here. Don’t forget to click that “send” button and ship off the assignments that are due, then allow yourself some time to do anything but school. At least for a few days!


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