In a Good Way

I suppose you’re a real student when you can’t imagine your life without school. Brief respites – that precious bit of school-free time at the end of each semester – feel like a luxury holiday. I noticed that I began this semester with less excitement than usual. That’s not a reflection on the work, or my teachers or school itself (dear old UVic!), but it does say something about me as a student. I’m really used to the way things work now, even with the advent of Moodle, it’s all become quite familiar. I grieved good old Blackboard, but Moodle is now “it” for interfacing with my courses.
This semester, there’s no kicking into high-stress mode around textbook ordering or class registration or even the start of term (okay, maybe there’s a little stress. I’m sure if you asked my family, I was indeed excited about the start of term), but from my perspective, it all feels a little more familiar, in a good way.
It helps that exciting things are happening after slogging through preliminaries over the past few years: fourth year standing, an exciting fourth year practicum confirmed, registration for next semester already taken care of. It’s all good, good enough that I even rumble around potential convocation dates in my head. Just once in awhile, for inspiration.
Hoodie discrimination? This is meant in jest, but do I have a point here? I recently received bookstore e-news about a fantastic UVic hoodie sale, only $16 each for hoodies that are great colours and styles. Not that I technically need another hoodie, but I can always use another one emblazoned with UVic (that’s how loyal I am). However, I was dismayed to see that the sale was “in-store only.”
Bummer, I sighed. One of the drawbacks of being a distance student: I can’t walk into the UVic bookstore and browse now and then, as a reward for studying and working. No new hoodie for me, I suppose! I hope the sale is on again on whatever distant date I’m back on campus…probably the convocation ceremony I like to let myself picture now and then.
To all my fellow distance students, keep working. Week Four is almost complete.


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  1. Christine McLaren
    Oct 20, 2011 @ 21:16:27

    Hi Tammy,
    Thanks for keeping up the blog. I tweeted about your story and hope you get some more comments. You are doing a great job!
    Hope all is well and you are enjoying the fall – it must be beautiful there!


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