Learning How to Swim

~I entitled this entry Learning How to Swim, but I, like many other social work students, have learned that social work is all about negotiating murky waters, which while murky are also amazingly beautiful. The northern B.C. lake pictured above has a brilliant white sand shore stippled with millions of fascinating tiny shells. Walk on it and it’s grey mud beneath (that’s me wading cautiously). Enjoy making footprints, look for stepping stones, enjoy the beauty around you. ~

Reading Break is still more than a week away, but I’m dragging myself toward it like a weary swimmer in choppy water. I like to think I’m a much better student than I am swimmer. I’ve never liked water much and only learned to swim in my late twenties. Thankfully, university courses take place out of the water but I still had to throw myself one of those lifesaver rings (whatever they are actually called). Of course, I’m speaking metaphorically. I didn’t really toss myself an inflatable orange floaty-ring thing, but I did realize that right now, I’m pretty tired of coursework.
As usual, all of the stress and work seem to congregate right around mid-term time. So, I started off-loading whatever I could. Sometimes, it was as simple as rescheduling a dental appointment until after that assignment was done. Or, it might be putting off some of my newspaper work for another day, or not cleaning the house once again, or postponing a trip to town.
Right now, reading break is a lovely pleasure craft (a canoe is my preference) moored just beyond where I’m dog-paddling right now. The slog through this semester has me contemplating yet again re-shuffling my course planning and taking just one more pesky semester to finish, thus giving myself a little less (academic) work. A tempting thought. A summer without any books, or maybe just one course and THAT’S IT! What a leisurely paddle that would be. Only one teeny tiny course to take instead of three. Something to look forward to, indeed. Reading break, come quick!


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