What Day Is This?? When Do Classes Start??

It was fleeting, but I, however briefly, had that wonderful mid-summer-holidays sense of completely losing track of what day of the week it is. Of course, in this case that mindless-timeless-what-day-is-this?-bliss was situated in mid-winter, between Christmas and New Year’s, a time that is delightfully devoid of much structure (in terms of school).

New Year’s looms, however, and I realize that I need to get onto ordering some fourth year texts for Second Term courses. I’m not in a rush, though…

My uncharacteristically laid-back approach to text book ordering for the upcoming term just points to my growth as a student (I’m laughing as I type that): when I first began my BSW with UVic, the textbooks would have been ordered, shipped, unpacked, unwrapped and half-read. Now, I feel I can be more relaxed (believe me, this is a good thing!). Everything’s not so new and uncertain. I’m familiar with the routine. I have confidence in the excellent service the UVic bookstore offers us distance students. My texts generally show up early. There’ll be lots of time to order, unpack, unwrap.

For now, I have a bit more holiday-time to lose myself in.

**I never did get to some of the projects I thought I’d delve into over winter break: completing some sewing projects, finishing some knitting. But I did get to deeply enjoy spending more time doing other things I enjoy just as much. Here, I’ll take this chance to speak to the notion of work/life/school balance again: each semester, and every holiday, do what works for you. When you have course demands, remember to balance these with self-care and rest. When you have holidays, enjoy!
~Lose track of time.~


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