Cup of the Day on Day One

You know you’re a social work student when…you critically reflect upon your mug as being a symbol of colonialism.

If I were a racehorse, I’d be called a slow-starter.

Last week, I dutifully clicked around on Moodle (the on-line course delivery system), posting introductions and generally scanning the course content, but today seems like my true “first day” of class. I feel inspired to really engage in dialogue and post responses to introductions. I also feel excited to dig into course content. I wondered why I felt so reluctant last week, then realized I was working on a Friday and was really already in weekend mode.

Today, however, is a new day. The start of a new week, and it really feels like, the start of a new term. 400 Health Care and 451 Indigenous Policy, here I come.

The photo included here shows my companion cup for the morning.


What Pets Do While One Works on One’s BSW…!

Two Dogs and a Cat: Clearly, I cannot look to these guys for inspiration to keep my mind awake. While I work, they snooze in front of the woodstove!

A Small Light

~ Filling my cup today: My favourite charteuse flower mug filled with Tetley Chai is my companion for the morning as I log on to the UVic Moodle site.~

A very kind reader, interested in the UVic program, recently wrote to me that my blog “illuminates the unknown” for readers such as this person, a recent UVic BSW program applicant. Not only was this comment extremely kind and generous but also very touching for me. I was so pleased that in some way, I could share the glimmer from my own candle of experience with this person. I just doubt that it’s quite bright enough, but am heartened to know that what I share is helpful in some small way.

I answered some questions about the program, the work involved and the personal commitment. I am only too happy to do this, as the UVic program has been a very positive, transformative, and empowering one for me.

Another kind reader posted some other positive comments. These are such a joy for me to read, and inspire me to continue my blog about the BSW experience. I try to write about issues that may be helpful for other students to read: the challenges, joys, struggles and other points that I’ve learned to consider about blending life, school and work. If that can help other students or prospective students in some way, I am gratified.

Writing this humble little blog and connecting with others interested in social work and social justice is something that I feel honoured to do.