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How can you be nostalgic for something that’s not over?
This term hasn’t ended, but I already have that farewell feeling. Ironic, as I have another large assignment due in two weeks. While I’ve started, it’s certainly not completed. So, my courses aren’t officially “over.”
However, we are concluding Week 9 and heading into Week 10 (of 12). I think that’s what has started my nostalgic, melancholic kick. We are submitting, or preparing to submit, final assignments. More and more marks have come in on our student grade books. Registration for next semester looms. We have a few learning activities to do, then the final one in which we bid everyone goodbye, the Closing Circle.
I’ve enjoyed my two 400-level courses immensely this semester. Both had a high level of on-line involvement, both had excellent instructors with a steady, encouraging on-line presence. Both instructors offered continual words of encouragement and open lines of communication. They were only an email, phone call, or Moodle message away – and they reminded us students of that regularly, should we need help or have questions. Not all instructors are as generous. On the Moodle course sites, there were interesting links, extra information, and encouraging messages.
Once again, as one semester concludes, another will begin soon. That’s the cycle of academic life. We’re faced with new courses, new instructors and new experiences. After a less-demanding semester (only two courses), I’m heading into what will likely be a more intense term, with my fourth year practicum and two final academic electives.
While I’ve learned to positively anticipate new experiences, I can’t help wanting to hang on to the old, too. It’s familiar, it’s comforting. It’s been really, really good.
Who would want that to end?

My thanks this term goes to instructors Betty Taylor (Social Work 400), Kirsten Mikkelson (Social Work 451) and also to other UVic staff who made this term a terrific one: Nancy Pike, a wonderful practicum coordinator, and instructor Cheryl Moir van Iersel who despite cutbacks, continues to kindly coordinate and chair student rep teleconferences and distribute the minutes of these to all of us reps across the country.


You help make the student experience a rich and rewarding one!



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