Photos (above):

~ The quilting cupboard. ~ Quinn the Jack Russell and study companion. He naps while I work.

~ Various mini-quilt projects. ~ The sewing desk.

My fourth year practicum begins next week. I feel a bit like a driver accelerating and merging into traffic. So far, the transition feels pretty smooth and natural. I’m a diligent shoulder-checker; I put a lot of effort into determining where I wanted to be for the final practicum of my BSW: somewhere positive, supportive and anti-oppressive. A place I’d feel welcome and comfortable as a student-learner.
It’s been six long months since I arranged my placement..
My practicum will span over 400 hours. Along with it, I’ll be completing my two final fourth-year electives.
I can hardly say how excited I am to be in a workplace setting and look forward to getting to know everyone and spending time with different clinicians, helping with different programs.
I have been bidding farewell to my last three weeks that were completely free of studies. This past week, I really kicked up my heels: I watched the first season of Game of Thrones (“Winter is coming!”) and rented Chocolat, half of which I leisurely viewed during the day as unwashed dishes and uncompleted housework lay scattered about me.
I delightedly plowed through piles of pleasure reading books from my own shelves and those in the terrific little Enderby branch of our Okanagan Regional Library. I re-read The Sunday Philosophy Club (love, love, Alexander McCall Smith) and enthusiastically dug into The Scottish Prisoner by Diana Gabaldon (love, love Lord John Grey).
I am pointedly making no mention of housework.
I spent more time outside with my animals, taking my sweet time doing chores and enjoying the moody spring weather. I avoided (until this weekend, aarrgh….) calculating what early hour I will have to rise at to do morning chores, get ready for work, then drive into work.
I even picked up the dangling threads of a few unfinished quilting projects (see photos) and while I did not complete them, got them to the next stage, at least.
But once again, I’ve rather happily stashed my various projects for my school books.
I’ve had my rest. I’m ready for UVIC’s Summer Semester to begin!


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