BSW done = degree disbelief

It’s a post-BSW new world with new opportunities thanks to my UVIC BSW degree.
Finally, after who-knows-how-many-years, I can write BSW RSW after my name for work purposes. It all feels strange because it’s so new.
This August, with the conclusion of my fourth year practicum in hospital social work, my degree was officially completed. That took getting used to.

School work over, letting it sink in: relaxing on our much anticipated summer camping trip.

Finishing my practicum was bittersweet; I relished the work and learning environment: I was surrounded by dedicated and positive healthcare professionals, and had two dynamic field supervisors who through, sharing their considerable knowledge and practice experience, made my learning experience unforgettable. Add to that humour and comraderie with colleagues and the privilege to work with patients, and I was sad to wrap up such a terrific experience.
I was, however, looking forward to some ‘summertime down time ‘with my family (see photo above): we immediately embarked on a postponed camping trip, then returned to celebrate the end of summer with a six-day stint showing at the country fair, the Interior Provincial Exhibition (IPE) in my hometown, Armstrong.
Camping in a hayfield and spending time with family and friends at the country fair was just what I needed. Still, it took three weeks for me to shake the feeling that there was a lurking learning activity or assignment due.
So, I’ve received my UVIC Letter of Completion, have applied for Fall 2012 Convocation, have completed my Registered Social Worker application, and have even applied for jobs and been to some interviews.
On a happy note, I received news that I begin a new job soon, back in the familiar environment of my practicum placement.
I’m happy to return there and know that while my degree is done, my (social) work is not!

Also bittersweet is recognizing that I’m no longer officially a UVic student. It’s a comfort to know that I’m part of the alumni, though. At some future point, I plan to apply to the MSW program (which requires two years of work experience for admission).

*A tip that may be helpful to you almost-BSW grads: the RSW application process can take several weeks. Mine took over a month. If you have work that requires registration waiting for you upon graduation, begin the RSW app process early so you don’t miss out on that first bit of satisfying ‘real work’ and the payment that comes with it! Imagine….!

In between realizing that my degree really is done, applying for jobs, then finding a job, I have dug into projects that have been side-lined for the last two years. My house has received some deep cleaning, painting here and there, and de-cluttering:

The pantry received a coat of ‘young green bean’ paint.

I made time to reconnect with things that nourish me, but were often shelved in lieu of coursework, like sewing this mini-quilt (above and below)…

My cup of the day today: a mug, featuring the IPE (country fair) logo, and deliciously strong Tetley Bold tea! I’ll take this out to the barn with me and drink it while I do chores.

Another bonus to school completion: more time to ride! My two guys, Quinn (small) and Spider (tall), on an outing to Open Riding in Armstrong, on a sunny fall day.


(Below) I left my fourth year practicum placement overflowing with new knowledge and carrying this beautiful bouquet of orange roses (which I later dried and saved) and this lovely teal card. My farewell lunch was celebrated at the Sprouted Fig, a great little place in downtown Vernon.