Rolling On and Convo(stay)cation 2013

Soon, I will celebrate 8 months of full time employment post-BSW and this August will mark one year since completing my UVic social work degree. On June 12, I would have been down at UVic for spring convocation, but due to work committments and some other good reasons – my dear Dad’s 81rst birthday being one of them – I’ve decided to host my very own Convo(stay)cation 2013. My BSW graduation will take place right here in our own glorious spring weather.
All way round, it will be less stress and less financial output than carting all five of us down to Victoria (though I dearly love it there) for a few days. We don’t do city-dwelling well; we’re more the remote wilderness camping types. The clincher: 10 days of camping in the West Chilcotin costs roughly the same as two nights in a hotel and travelling to Victoria with the ferry costs. North it is for our vacation and here it is for my convocation. I have it all planned and it’s pretty simple. What’s most important to me is to get a photo of my family all together as we celebrate somewhere with a picnic, green grass, sunshine, blue sky and flowers.
Though I love going to UVic and enjoying the lovely campus grounds, we have equaly as lovely spots here to serve as the background to my special photo. As for my graduation photos (with the silly hat), I can have those done here at a loca photographer. Either way, the gown is rented. So, this spring won’t include a trip to UVic, but as my degree parchment wends its way through the mail to me, I’ll be looking forward to Convo(stay)cation 2013 in the Shuswap.
My one-day-to-be MSW, however, that’s a UVic trip for sure!

~A few months back, I jotted down a blog post I entitled “Rolling On.” The gist of it: when working full time with one’s BSW completed, time really rolls on. End.

I lost the post. I dug about for it every few weeks then finally gave up locating my sad little page of writing that probably became unceremoniously squashed somewhere in one of the bags I tote to work.

Hence the combined title of this latest post. I had to address the nature of time zooming by which is a good thing when one is needing to accumulate work experience. I’ve mentioned before that I plan to apply to the UVic MSW program. One of the requirements is two years post-BSW work experience. Exceptions to this? None (I checked).

So, I’m happy to celebrate nearing the 8 month mark of my post-BSW work experience in an environment – healthcare social work and care coordination – that I truly enjoy and appreciate every day. As one wise worker put it, “Well, this forces you to relax and just work and not do school right now and enjoy being where you are at.” Hhhhhmmm. True, but I still checked.


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