The Best Laid Plans and the Best People

~A beautiful fall image from my front yard~

I’ve spent hours planning my course work. What will I take each semester? What will Winter Semester 2012 look like? Or Summer 2012? When will I do my 400-hour fourth year practicum and where? Will I take a course along with it?
I typed out plans and back-up plans. In truth, it’s fun to map out what my journey will look like. It could look like this, or this: Plan A or Plan B. I could graduate then or no, maybe then.
Lately, I received a powerful reminder of how unimportant plans like this can be, as well as how dangerous it is to focus on plans tooooooo much.
This reminder snapped everything back into focus rather quickly. What’s really important: my family, my friends, my own life outside of school and academic plans.
My dear aunt and uncle died last Thursday night in a vehicle crash only about half an hour from my home. I found out the next afternoon. I was shocked, like other family members at the loss of this precious couple, both 83-years-old, married for just over 60 years. Pioneer farmers well-known in the area, still living independently, but not without some health challenges, on their farm, in the house they built themselves. They still had their own garden and heated their house with a wood stove.
To allow this loss to sink in, to grieve, I moved aside my precious plans. I decided to move my practicum – due to start in January 2012 – to some distant date. Maybe I’ll leave it to last semester before I graduate. I’ll do more course work and enjoy my family, my life, with school taking a bit of a back seat for now. Maybe my GPA will dip – right now, I don’t care all that much. Who and what I care about are those around me. School will have to fit in with my life a bit more, because that’s my Plan A.
** In loving memory of Uncle Wes and Auntie Lois Maynard of Enderby, BC **
If you’re a student and you’ve experienced a loss, let your instructors know as soon as you can. Mine were all terrific and very understanding, as were my classmates.